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Buying a BMW – or any car for that matter

One thing that I consistently witness is people buying used cars that they can afford the payments on, but cannot afford to maintain.  The main problem is depreciation, and how it applies to BMW’s on a whole.  Within 5 years, a 750Li will be purchased for nearly $90,000 only to be sold for a mere $25,000.  The guy or girl that suffers is not the original owner — they obviously had plenty of money to be able to drive it off the lot and the loss won’t kill them.  The big loser in all of this is the guy who saw the car at the San Diego Auto Show five years ago, and has wanted it ever since.  It never fails.   A customer will come to the shop extremely excited about their new acquisition and I have the unpleasant duty to inform them that the car, while it looks shiny and new, needs over $3000 in repairs/maintenance.  Hard pill to swallow.

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Check Engine or Service Engine Soon – Now what???

Right around the late 90’s BMW decided, for some reason, to change the ‘Check Engine’ light to read ‘Service Engine Soon’.  One problem I have found on the consumer level is that most people see ‘Service Engine Soon’ and feel as though it is time for an oil change, which makes sense.  Check Engine has been the standard for years throughout the automobile industry, so I’m not quite sure why they changed it, and I’m not going to call and ask.

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