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Car of the Week – 1999 BMW M3 – Love for the e36


A few weeks ago, I felt somewhat aged in my career as a 1999 M3, similar to this one, had a Respect your Elders sticker on the rear vent window.  It brought me back to the time when the typical day was spent working on mostly 3,5,6, and 7 series cars that were built in the late 80s and early 90s.  I distinctly remember the first time I got into a e36 M3 and was a bit awestruck at how modern it was.  How aggressive the styling was compared to the previous 3-series chassis (e30).  The leather smelled fresh, the steering wheel was like no other and directed a much stiffer suspension than any other product BMW had delivered in the past.  Not to mention that in the 90s, the S52 engine was a beast to say the least.

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