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Finding an SLS AMG – The birthday present that almost wasn’t.


I help people buy cars all the time.  Mostly it is during a Pre-purchase Inspection where an astute individual decides it might be a good idea to have a potential used car checked over before signing on the dotted line or surrendering a handful of cash to a guy he just met on craigslist.  I also do a lot of Post-purchase Inspections, and trust me, it is much easier to hear bad news during a ‘Pre’ than a ‘Post.’

On what might be considered the glamorous side of things, I have probably inspected close to half a billion dollars worth of exotic/classic cars for those with the means to buy them.  From Wall St. to Hollywood, I’ve dealt with an array of people hoping to get their dream car.  I take this job pretty seriously.  When it comes to cars, the higher the price tag, the taller the tales.  The shit people try to pull to make a sale is rather amazing. If you think that guy from craigslist was bad, wait until he’s 10 times worse but with a smile of bright white veneers and a tailored suit.  So, once I find said car, I then inspect it, and find any and every damn reason not to buy the car.

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