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BMW of the Week – e28 M5 Time Warp.

BMW of the Week – e28 M5 Time Warp.

I’ve got a bit of a disorder where I’m no longer impressed with many cars.  It’s an occupational hazard that keeps me from getting excited about any BMW unless I find something to be excited about.  Call it overly critical, perfectionism, or purely a case of over-exposure. It is what it is.

So . . . when I get a car like this into the shop, well, it’s just . . . impressive.

This e28 M5 came to me from its new owner who was a close friend of the original owner who had passed away some time ago.  The car has a touch above 42k miles and it is super clean. Here are some pictures that show that it’s a really nice M5.  You just look at it and say ‘That’s a REALLY nice M5’  Enjoy . . .


To drive this car is simply amazing.  The first thing I noticed is that it is not loud.  I never really got into the original M-cars as most of them are buzz-boxes and they are a bit before my time as far as personal dream cars.  Then I ‘got it’ and realized why people loved these cars so much.

Driving this M5 brought me to think I should have the Pet Shop Boys on the radio and a Members Only jacket covering my Ralph Lauren polo shirt all while peering through a set of  Ray-Ban Wayfarers at each approaching turn.  This car drives like it is new.  This car drives like it is new.   Unreal.  I’d repeat it again but I’m sure we’ve got the point.

This car is humbling and somewhat depressing.  I just can’t reproduce a car like this.  There are a lot of things I cannot do as a restorer of BMWs; that is precisely why I’m so impressed with this car.  The things I notice and love about it aren’t necessarily the things that get others excited,  but lets go back to the pictures . . .

Keep in mind that this car has not been restored.  The door hinges are so perfectly preserved it’s almost sickening.  Each piece of hardware has its original coloring and finish.  When most cars are restored, hardware is sent out for plating and it all comes back shiny and new, but all the same color and finish.  During original assembly, different types of hardware had different hues and finishes, all of which are on display on this M5.

Looking around at all the latches and catches, you see a similar trend throughout this time capsule of a car . . .

The engine bay is equally impressive.  It has the original A/C set-up that has not been converted to R134 and the A/C lines still have their original foam insulation still in-tact.   The throttle linkage is immaculate with no dirt or corrosion present.  When I took these photos, the car had yet to be detailed . . .

What really makes this car special is a richly documented history and a definite museum-quality example of BMW Motorsports in the United States.   The trunk of the car tells many a story when you look through the records and see how preserved the tool kit is . . .

The most fortunate thing about this car is that it is in very appreciative hands and was not the subject of a big-wig auto auction going to the guy with the deepest pockets.  I know what was paid for the car as does the owner, the seller and possibly a few others.  No one else really needs to know, as this car is simply priceless.  The unfortunate thing about this stunning M5 is that once more the bar has risen for me as to what I find ‘impressive.’

Sometimes I miss the days when a simple shiny and clean 20 year old BMW would leave me awestruck . . .


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  • Pat October 4, 2009 at 2:10 pm

    This car definitely gets a holy crap from me…

    There aren’t many cars that are more alluring to me than one of the coupes in the background of these pics… but this is definitely one.

  • Darren October 5, 2009 at 6:12 am

    It truly is an amazing car, and has obviously been looked after for all of it’s 42K miles, I have seen cars with half of this mileage looking 10 time worse!

    Keep up the good work.


  • Brian October 10, 2009 at 6:58 pm

    That is a beautiful tool kit!

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