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As far as value for your dollar, Audi is the best-kept secret in the European car market today.  With vehicles ranging from the A3 to the R8, along with six different types of SUVs, there is something for everyone as far as needs and budget.

While you may feel a bit out in the cold after your first free oil change at the dealership, Independent Motorcars can take over where they left off.

Independent Motorcars has a similar variety of options when it comes to your Audi Service and Repair needs. Our team of technicians in San Diego has the training and resources to keep your car in flawless form at a fraction of the cost of typical Audi maintenance.

Located in central San Diego Area, our Audi Service Center is less than a mile from the UTC Mall off of the 805 and Miramar Rd.

Independent Motorcars will perform your 2nd oil change for free.  That’s right, FREE.    

Any new San Diego Audi that is due for its second oil change is free of charge at Independent Motorcars.

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Once you’ve purchased your new or used Audi, you have many options for service and repair. While your car may be under the Manufacturer’s Warranty, you will still need service and you are not obligated to go to the San Diego dealers for your Audi service needs. Our policy has always been to treat our customer’s cars as if they were owned by a family member and to give our customers advice with this in mind.  This has allowed our customers’ cars to serve them well, maintain performance, and prevent costly breakdowns. We employ the latest specialized tools and diagnostic software which is essential for any proper Audi repair.
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Audi Oil Change Service

Service Time – 45-60 minutes

Frequency – Every 5,000 miles is recommended

A proper oil change schedule is important when it comes to the engine in every car on the road.  While Audi maintenance schedules recommend your first oil change be performed at 5k miles (a good thing), they then have most of their fleet on a 10k interval for future oil changes.  Independent Motorcars recommends a continual 5k interval for your Audi oil changes throughout the life of your engine for many reasons. An oil change is the cheapest way to increase the life of your engine while trained eyes are able to recognize any future needs, decreasing the likelihood of a side of the road break down.  Being that most every Audi on the road today is turbo-charged, frequent oil changes will also help to protect the turbo system and can dramatically increase their lifespan.

No appointment is needed for an Audi oil change in San Diego, just drive it in!  With average drivers traveling about 13,500 miles per year, it may be that you are only getting one oil change a year when following the Audi Maintenance schedules.

Your internal engine parts, as well as the turbos, see huge benefits when properly lubricated. Getting an overall check over of your Audi is also recommended periodically.  A regular oil change service will achieve both of these goals in typically under an hour.

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Audi Tune-up 

Service Time – 3-4 hours

Frequency – First at 35k miles, then every 20k miles

Audi of North America currently recommends what we would consider to be about half of a tune-up at the 35k mile interval and then every 20k miles thereafter.  

At Independent Motorcars, we take this a step further, for about the same price.  In addition to the spark plugs and oil change, our tune-up goes further to include your air filter, interior air cabin filter, the fuel filter, as well as all serviceable fluids as needed.

audi repair in san diego


While your Audi receives a tune-up we thoroughly inspect your vehicle electronics and driving components.  This is a sample of the items we review at this time:

  • The complete brake system including the pads, rotors, and condition of your brake fluid
  • Shocks and struts as well as other suspension components such as your tie rods (controls steering) and the control arms which link everything together for stability and proper alignment
  • Tires will be inspected for wear and condition, and to recognize any alignment irregularities
  • The water pump, coolant hoses, radiator and other cooling system parts for age or leakage
  • Drive belts inspected for cracking or wear along with belt tensioners for noise
  • Check of the underside of the car oil leaks from the engine, power steering or transmission.
  • Correct operation of the horn, wiper blades, turn signals, and headlights. Power windows and sunroof tested for proper operation.
  • Computer systems and control modules are scanned along with a service interval reset via Audi diagnostic software.

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Audi Timing Belt Service

Service Time – Varies by Engine

Frequency – 80k miles but varies by engine on mileage and time

While most Audi engines have now switched to a timing chain, many on the road still have a timing belt and it needs to be taken seriously.  Ignoring the recommended service intervals for your timing belt is a risky proposition and can lead to repairs that are more than triple the cost of the service itself.  Audi engines are interference engines.  This means that if the timing belt were to fail, the valves in the cylinder head will make contact with the pistons in the engine block and cause the engine to lose compression.  This chain of events would lead to major cylinder head repair.

If your Audi has 80k miles and has not had the timing belt replaced, put it on your list of things to do soon!

While many complain about the use of timing belts, they do have legitimate advantages over a timing chain, most notably is that you don’t have to worry about chain stretch over time which can lead to costly repairs on a high mileage car. When considering the purchase of a used Audi, one should pay special attention to the mileage and the service records to determine if the vehicle will need this service in its current condition.

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Audi Cooling System Service and Repair

Service Time – 4-6 hours

Frequency – Varies by model

san diego audi mechanic

Audi cars share one common weakness as mileage increases and the car begins to age – cooling system items constructed with plastics.  The typical Audi engine operating temperature is north of 90 degrees Celsius and is constantly under pressure.  As the cooling system begins to age, many of the components begin to weaken or break down.  If your cooling system is original and you have more than 80k miles under the hood, chances are that you are primed for cooling system issues.  As operating temperatures continue to climb, proper attention to your cooling system becomes essential.

It is extremely important to keep your Audi engine from an overheating episode as this can lead to additional and unnecessary repairs!

At Independent Motorcars, we take cooling systems seriously and offer a free inspection of these components on a regular basis.  It is important to address the following items when inspecting or replacing the Audi cooling system:

  • Function and age of Water Pump
  • Coolant Hoses and Radiator condition
  • Expansion tank for the coolant and the radiator rap
  • Engine cooling thermostat
  • Drive belts and associated tensioners
  • The condition of the coolant and the proper coolant for Audi engines.

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Audi Pre-purchase Inspection and Warranty Inspection

Service Time – 1-2 hours

With the purchase of any used Audi or while your vehicle is under a warranty or maintenance program we want to maximize your dollar.  Our pre-purchase inspections give you the knowledge you need before deciding on the right car as well as an edge in negotiating a purchase price.  A Carfax report is a good place to start when considering a used Audi but you also need to know the current condition of the car and what service and repairs will be needed in the future.  With each pre-purchase inspection, we examine every inch of the car and ensure all systems are functioning properly.  The body will be examined for evidence of accidents, rust, and paint issues like scratches or oxidation. A thorough report on the vehicle will be provided in order to make a sound decision on the purchase.

Should the vehicle not pass the pre-purchase inspection, the next one will be free of charge.

Warranties are typically hidden in the price of any new or used Audi that you may be considering which is why you should periodically have the car inspected before your warranty expires. This practice allows our customers to take full advantage of their warranty or service agreements.  If your Audi has any sort of warranty it is recommended to provide a copy of the contract to review what items are covered and when the agreement expires.  We also recommend that every newer Audi goes through a warranty inspection prior to the original manufacturer’s warranty expires to take care of any issues that may need to be remedied prior to the end date.

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Other Common San Diego Audi Repair, Service and Maintenance items:


Audi Suspension

Items like shocks, struts, and springs can cause driveability issues on any car.  Often overlooked are items like the control arms, which provide stability and maintain proper alignment.  Steering systems and tie rods need to be checked from time to time for any looseness in the ball joints or torn bushings.  Keeping these parts in proper condition will be essential to the handling and alignment.


Audi Brake Systems

Modern braking systems are composed of much more than just your pads and brake discs, but they will be the most commonly serviced items when you need attention.  It is also recommended that the brake fluid is tested at least once a year (during an oil change or other services) as it can become contaminated over time.  Keeping your brake fluid fresh will help to condition the various seals and o-rings in your brake calipers, cylinders, and Anti-lock Brake systems.


Audi Power Steering Maintenance

The best way to increase the lifespan of your power steering pump and rack is to regularly flush the fluid.  Upon inspection, if your power steering fluid light and clear you’ll be in good shape for some time.  If the fluid is dark and clouded, you may want to consider flushing this system to remove contamination from the items that compose your power steering system.  A regular inspection of the hoses for any sort of leakage is also recommended.


Audi Electrical Troubleshooting and Repair

Today’s Audi electrical systems are not without flaw here and there.  With navigation, sound systems, Bluetooth and various optional equipment, things can be quite complex.  Approved diagnostic software and testing equipment are essential when dealing with electrical issues. Independent Motorcars has the most up to date programming available for your Audi. So if it is simply reading a service light for a loose gas cap, or more involved procedures such as coding and programming the various control modules, we have you covered.

audi diagnostic technician in san diego


Audi Air Conditioning repair and A/C Service

One common issue over time of any car is that the air conditioning system is not as cold as it should be or once was.  Typically, modern A/C systems should be re-charged after about 5-7 years as the freon will slowly creep out of the hoses and compressor (this is very common).  As you Audi ages, you may encounter issues with air conditioning compressors, or failure of resistors or sensors.  Having the proper equipment to provide these repairs is critical in order to avoid a misdiagnosis.  One simple thing you can do to help your A/C system is to activate it periodically in the cooler months to exercise it during this time.


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