I began this blog in order that everyone can get a glimpse of what a BMW is all about.  Throughout, I’ll be covering all years of BMW’s in order that everyone can take something from this and it’s not a waste of bandwidth.  I am part owner of La Jolla Independent BMW Service, Parts and Restorations in San Diego.  I’ve been around BMW’s for about 11 years and have been professionally working on them for the last 8 years.  We are one of the National Technical Advisers for the BMW Car Club of America and we pride ourselves on top notch service, honesty and fair pricing.

It is my hope that even if you do not own a BMW, you’ll find the info here useful and humorous.   I promise I won’t be too hard on customers’ cars that get a mention here, but it’s all in fun and a learning experience.  So, I hope you enjoy this blog and feel free to send friends and foes links that may help them in any way.

Chris Keefer

La Jolla Independent BMW Service